A Rock Climbing Naturalist Engineer's Micro(photo)blog

About 72 minutes into the latest episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast, John Siracusa mentions Rust programmers, Mac people, and rock climbers as circles of varying disjointedness in a social network of tech nerds.

I laughed, because I’ve been coding in Rust and Swift lately, and I was literally half way up a wall at the climbing gym at that moment.

I’m into a lot of different things, beyond engineering and rock climbing. Writing a succinct bio for my social media has always been a challenge, and it keeps getting worse. Eventually the stress of competing roles:

  • personal or professional?
  • engineer or manager?
  • technologist or naturalist?
  • park ranger or photographer?

…combined with self-imposed pressure to meet expectations, and sucked all the joy out of posting. I took a snapshot of a nice flower this morning and didn’t post it because…umm…what if it wasn’t on-brand? What if it wasn’t good enough? Would I bore someone?

That was the wrong way to think.

My other websites will be more focused, but this microblog is going to have it all, like a public journal should. I’ll consider it a success if at least half the posts here are interesting to any given person, but it’ll be enough that they’re all interesting to me.

Thanks for taking a look.

Kirk van Gorkom @kvangork