Final Cut Pro 10.6.6 Update: Tone Mapping for HDR Video

When Final Cut Pro for iPad was announced, I started hoping for a Mac update today too, and Apple didn’t disappoint. Highlights from the release notes:

  • Use automatic color management to easily edit HDR and SDR clips in the same project, with intelligent tone mapping of video to match your color space.
  • Improve your color correction workflow with the Color Adjustments effect, and apply new color presets to give your clips a particular look.

My recent experiment using Premiere Pro for video editing was buggy and frustrating overall, but its automatic tone mapping was worth it, as I’d never been happy with my manual efforts in Final Cut Pro. If this new feature works as well as I expect, it’ll let me stick with FCP for everything. If not, I guess I’ll try Davinci Resolve.

I record footage in HLG or LOG formats to capture maximum information, but distributing the high-quality output is still complicated and slow, and currently only practical via YouTube. Automatic tone-mapping will let me produce a standard-definition version for wide distribution almost instantly.

Kirk van Gorkom @kvangork